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Kissimmee Prairie Preserve State Park

Okeechobee, Florida

Contact Information
33104 NW 192 Ave.
Okeechobee, 34972
(863) 462-5360

Reservation Information: 1-800-326-3521

Driving Directions
Kissimmee Prairie Preserve State Park is located approximately 25 miles north of the City of Okeechobee. The Preserve is located 5 miles north of the western terminus of Okeechobee County Road 724. The road which reaches the park is shell and is not paved. US Hwy 441 and Okeechobee County Road 700A intersect County Road 724. The campground is located 5 miles inside the park entrance gate.

Hours of Operation
Florida state parks are open from 8 a.m. until sundown 365 days a year.

Kissimmee Prairie Preserve State Park encompasses nearly 75 square miles of virtually unaltered landscape lying mostly in Okeechobee County. At 46,000 acres, the Preserve protects the largest remaining tract of undisturbed dry prairie on the east side of the Kissimmee River.

Park Activities

Bicycling, Birding, Full Facility Camping, Horse Trails, Nature Trails, and Picnicking

Just a short bicycle ride from the Kilpatrick Hammock Campground in Kissimmee Prairie Preserve State Park, you can see alligators sunning themselves along Seven-Mile Slough. Or if you are an avid bicyclist you can ride seven miles to see the beautiful Kissimmee River. Along the way enjoy a vast array of wildflowers; stop and watch a flock of turkey’s scatter across the road or see white-tailed deer feeding on the prairie grasslands. There are over 110 miles of two-trail roads for you to enjoy along with the fresh air and peaceful atmosphere of the prairie. Although it’s a dry prairie, at times portions of the roads may be wet.

Kissimmee Prairie Preserve State Park offers excellent seasonal birding opportunities for the nature tourist. The Park offers refuge to six Federally threatened and endangered species, and a further six species of special concern. The usual highlights of a birding trip to Kissimmee Prairie would include Florida Grasshopper Sparrow, Burrowing Owl, Crested Caracara, Wood Stork and the recently sited White-Tail Kite with many other possibilities. The Park also has enough varied habitats, including wetlands, dry prairie, and hardwood hammocks, to offer the bird watching, nature tourist a full day of recreation.

Full Facility Camping
Surrounded by 54,000 acres of pristine land, campers at Kilpatrick Hammock Campground can experience wilderness camping with all the comforts of home. Water and electricity at each site and a spacious bathhouse with laundry facilities can be found at the family camping area. The horseback campground has large paddocks equipped with hayrack and running water. Over 110 miles of two-trail road for hiking, bicycle riding and horseback riding will take visitors through dry prairie, moist wetlands and cool, shady hammocks. Deer and turkey are often seen meandering through the campgrounds. Bring horses, bicycles and cameras to enjoy a truly unique camping experience.

Horse Camping
Riding the trails in Kissimmee Prairie Preserve State Park on horseback is one of the best ways to see the real Florida. With more than 110 miles of two-trail roads horseback riders are apt to see an abundance of wildlife. In early spring its possible to hear the endangered Florida Grasshopper Sparrow singing in its dry prairie habitat. The trails take you through dry prairie, moist wetlands and cool, shady hammocks. Bring your own horses and enjoy a day’s ride or stay overnight in our beautiful horseback campground.

Nature Trails
Hiking through the grasslands of Kissimmee Prairie Preserve State Park will find you in a place so unique there is no other on earth to see the same combination of plants and animals. You may startle white-tailed deer feeding on the tendergrasses or send an Indigo Snake slithering off the trail to hide in the wiregrass. Scan the skies and see a Crested Caracara or Bald Eagle soaring overhead; listen carefully and you may hear endangered Florida Grasshopper Sparrows singing in their natural prairie habitat. Wildflowers dot the countryside including Yellow Bachelors Buttons, Pipewort, Blazing Star, Meadow Beauty and the delicate Alligator Lily. Enjoy the prairie by looking into it – not at it.