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Sopchoppy River Canoe Trail

The Sopchoppy River Canoe Trail is officially designated as part of Florida’s Statewide System of Greenways and Trails. The trail is a good example of a blackwater stream. High, heavily wooded banks line the river. Wildlife is abundant. On the upper section, there is little evidence of civilization, but there are many homes on the lower section of the trail. River levels fluctuate rapidly after heavy rains. The narrow upper section twists and bends around clumps of cypress knees, but the river widens and the terrain flattens as you near US 319. Motorboats also become more common.

Major Activities:

Counties: Wakulla
Mileage: 15
Skill Level: Beginner (lower) to intermediate (upper)
Difficulty: Easy (lower) to moderate (upper)
Usual Current: Average (2-3 mph)

Notes and Precautions
At low water, many pullovers and some wading are required. Tides and winds can be encountered on the lower section. Check with US Forest Service for water level information (850) 926-3561.


Oak Park Cemetery Bridge – Take NFR 365 north from Sopchoppy to NFR 346. Turn left (west) to bridge.
Mt. Besser Church Bridge – On NFR 343 north of SR 375, 2 miles northwest of Sopchoppy. (5 miles)
CR 375 Bridge – in Sopchoppy. (5 miles)
US 319 Bridge – 3.5 miles south of Sopchoppy. (5 miles)

There may be access points (both public and private) in addition to those listed here. Please remember that some sites require a fee for launching and/or parking.