Koreshan SP

Koreshan State Park Estero Florida

Koreshan State Historic Site is the former home of a unique group of late 19th century pioneers. The founder of the community, Dr. Cyrus Teed served as a surgeon in the Civil War. After the war he received much attention with his strong beliefs in the equality of men and women, celibacy and communal living. He changed his name to Koresh, which is Hebrew for Cyrus. He founded the Koreshan Unity in Chicago. As membership grew he chose Lee County as the location for his utopian dream. In 1893 he and other followers known as Koreshans began construction of the settlement that was to become a large communal city. They generated their own electricity, had a boat works, general store and other businesses. In 1961 the last 4 members of the Koreshan Unity donated the land to the state of Florida to become a park. Today the park preserves 11 of the original buildings. Guided Ranger walks are available on Saturday and Sunday at 10:00 AM. Koreshan State Historic Site makes every attempt to improve access to services and facilities for the public. Please contact the park office for questions or assistance.

In the Muscogee language Oka-lusa (water black) Most of the river/stream flows through undeveloped lands of the Blackwater State Forest and Blackwater River State Park. The water becomes tinted with tannins from leaves and roots of the shoreline vegetation. The water is mostly transparent or brown when seen in the shallow waters or on the sand bars in the river.



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